Pavement Management Planning

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Pavement Management Planning

The strategic analysis for evaluating pavement conditions, determining the type, cost and timing of maintenance and rehabilitation actions needed in various paved areas. This evaluation focuses on prioritizing needs with respect to available funds; budgeting the cost of improvements over several years.

Associated Engineering Consultants, Inc. utilizes the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s StreetSaver® Pavement Management Software to standardize your pavement assets throughout your entire network of streets, paths, parking lots and other paved structures. AEC is skilled in the management of both asphalt concretes as well as Portland Concrete Cement. Maintaining a pavement management system as well as ensuring standardized professional ratings can be a challenge for your organization. AEC will provide a turn- key solution to your asset management needs with our professional staff of engineers, software programmers, project managers, pavement survey technicians, and certified materials testers. AEC offers alternatives to pavement management and will spend the time needed on your project to ensure you understand the newest pavement technologies, as well as provide detailed analysis of your current maintenance needs while staying “On Time and On Budget”.

Pavement Management Planning

  • Same-Day Appointments

  • Management Philosophy

  • Visual Condition Index Ratings

  • Cost v. Benefit Analysis

  • Rehabilitation Recommendations

  • Public Works


  • Private Sector

  • Commercial

  • School Districts

  • Golf Courses

  • Industrial Sites

Pavement Management Systems

  • MTCStreetSaver® Management Software

  • Database Programs

  • Prediction Modeling

  • Customized Programming

  • GIS Integration

  • Design Strategies

  • Engineering Formulas

  • Accurate and Repeatable Data

  • Deflection Analysis and Design

Asset Management

  • Training Programs

  • Presentations

  • Field Surveys