Field Services & Design Support

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Field Services & Design Support

AEC’s staff of field engineers and technicians have years of hands on experience which allows us to operate in an efficient and economical manner when rendering field services and design support. In addition, the engineers of AEC apply this field knowledge to the design and drafting process and offer our clients a more complete product.

Materials Testing

  • Field Equipment for Testing of Soil, Aggregate, Concrete and Asphalt

  • SuperPave Performance Testing

  • Mobile Laboratory Facilities

  • QC/QA Programs

  • Experienced Technicians

  • Knowledgeable Engineers with Field Testing Experience

  • Experimental Materials

  • Third Party Testing Alliances

  • Forensic Analysis of Materials

Subsurface Exploration

  • Coring

  • Test Pits

  • R-Value Sampling

  • Boring/Drive Tubes

  • Determination of CTB, LTB

  • Subgrade Assessments

  • In-place Moisture and Density

  • Material Collection and Analysis

  • Storage and Documentation of Collected Sample Materials

Safety Traffic Control

  • Traffic Information Systems

  • Arrowboard

  • Lane Closures

  • Public Notifications

  • Public Relations

  • Construction Signs

  • Pilot Car and Flaggers

  • Road Closures

  • Permit Requirements


  • Construction Staking

  • Horizontal and Vertical Alignment

  • Elevation/Profiles

  • Locate Landmarks and Utilities

  • GPS Capability

  • Third Party Verification

  • Field Observations

  • Contour Intervals

Drafting / Plotting

  • AutoCAD / Microstation

  • Automated Mapping

  • Photogrammetry

  • 2D and 3D Drafting

  • Full Plotting Capability