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The Associated Engineering Consultants Team takes pride in their ability to work in harmony with everyone involved.
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Our Mission

AEC is a team of professionals who are experienced, knowledgeable, productive and innovative. We provide effective engineering solutions, services and products to our clients in an efficient and economical manner. This is accomplished through thorough planning and strict adherence to the fundamental principles of integrity cooperation and personal development.

Partner Profiles

Bruce Howard P.E.

Mr. Bruce Howard is a graduate of Chico State University. Post Graduation, Mr. Howard spent eleven years gaining experience in the civil engineering field with a major nationwide consulting firm. During his tenure, he progressed from Project Engineer to Operations Manager and amassed an impressive amount of operational as well as leadership experience. Mr. Howard's experience includes all aspects common to the niche of pavement engineering which includes deflection testing, materials testing, nuclear density gauge testing, on-site construction management, documentation of field activities, preparation of plans, specification's and estimates and other associated tasks. In addition, Mr. Howard's experience as an operations manager allow him to gain valuable skills in project and personnel management. This, combined with his field experience has granted him the ability to provide our clientele with an excellent product in an exemplary manner. Mr. Howard understands the scope of the project from inception through conclusion with an understanding of the differing perspectives that commonly occur on pavement and engineering projects.

Since forming Associated Engineering Consultants, Mr. Howard has taken up the role of presiding over the daily administrative tasks of the company while actively maintaining a leading role in the engineering activities of the firm. Mr. Howards engineering leadership ensures the work produced by AEC is of a standard and clarity that allows for efficient implementation.

Lyle Knepp P.E.

Mr. Lyle Knepp is a graduate from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in petroleum engineering. His knowledge of materials and chemistry is invaluable to the nature of pavement engineering and the execution of a successful project. It is often the case that the quality of the aggregate and oil based materials involved will determine the relative success of the project. Mr. Knepp's keen ability to evaluate the quality of materials prior, during, and post construction allows AEC to identify any conditions that may lead to an inferior product. Mr. Knepp's attention to detail combined with his evaluative skills assist him in providing plans and specifications for his clients to ensure the contractor understands the scope of work and the requirements to deliver a quality product.

Mr. Knepp also has vast experience as a Construction Manager. This experience gives him an excellent comprehension of what is required of both the contractor and engineer. While in the field Mr. Knepp often takes an active role in assisting the contractor in completing tasks. His example and willingness to work with others makes him a valuable asset to the clients of AEC.

Mark Burlew

Mr. Mark Burlew is AEC's Vice President of Construction Management Services and supervises the construction phases of our projects by serving as a liaison between clients, engineers, inspectors, contractors, suppliers and governmental agencies. Prior to the formation of AEC, Mr. Burlew owned his own paving firm and operated as a contractor in the state of California for over 12 years. This hands-on experience lends unique insight into projects and assists in not only delivering a quality product but also allows for an efficient execution of the project specific tasks. In addition, Mr. Burlew excels at enhancing the communications between different groups who have an interest in a particular project. Mr. Burlew understands the needs, wants, concerns and agendas of each unique group and assists in conveying the aforementioned to all participants in terms that they can understand. The combination of sound communication skills, prior work experience and the desire to build a superior product makes Mr. Burlew a great addition to any project.

His main area of expertise is construction management and the utilization of modern technologies to achieve the highest degree of integrity for the construction projects in which he is involved with. Mr. Burlew has managed over twenty million dollars worth of construction between the City of Lafayette and the City of Woodland.


Andrew L. Jones, Project Manager

Mr. Jones is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Jones' experience includes surveying, drafting, structural design, road and drainage design, and the inspection of roadways and earthen dams. Mr. Jones also performs quality control testing and inspection on a regular basis.

Mr. Jones manages many of AEC's institutional, as well as both private and corporate based clients He is involved in the evaluation and design process for many of AEC's clients, but also plays an active role in the field by providing testing services such as deflection testing and material sampling services.

In addition, Mr. Jones specializes in overseeing construction and testing at on-site locations as well as in the laboratory setting. His attention to detail and consistent nature is well suited for construction inspection. As an on-site inspector, Mr. Jones has been responsible for testing coordination, change order preparation, payment request approvals and government certification on roads, earthen dams and other projects. Mr. Jones performs these tasks by keeping accurate and timely daily logs, staying on top of the project and taking the expected proactive approach. With any project where accurate record keeping is a must, Mr. Jones has excelled.

Jeff Pearson, Project Manager

Mr. Pearson has a strong background in project design, preparation of plans and specifications, pavement failure analysis, pavement management plans (short and long range), and providing construction administration services for pavement projects, large and small. Prior to becoming part of the AEC team Mr. Pearson spent fourteen years with a nationwide engineering firm specializing in pavement design and pavement management. Mr. Pearson has nineteen years of extensive experience in evaluating pavements. Through open client-consultant communication, Mr. Pearson has consistently met all the needs and demands of AECís clients.

Mr. Pearson primarily works with AECís clients in the private sector. He specializes in working with Homeowners Associations, along with Commercial and industrial Property Managers. Mr. Pearson has managed projects from $20,000 to over $2,500,000.

Mr. Pearson is NICET certified in Highway Construction and Highway Maintenance.

Kim Humphreys

Mrs. Humphreys is the Office and Accounting Manager for AEC.

As AEC's first employee, Mrs. Humphreys is familiar with the history of the Company and has 25 years of experience in office management and accounting.

As Office Manager Mrs. Humphreys is responsible for the day to day management of the Redding Office. Including Management of Staff, Insurance Policies, Insurance Certificate requests for clients and production of all documents and reports to clients.

As Accounting Manager Mrs. Humphreys is responsible for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Certified Payrolls for Prevailing Wage sites, Budgets, Financial Statements and job productivity reports for Project Managers.

Mrs. Humphrey believes that providing outstanding administrative support to AEC's clients is integral to the relationship of trust that must exist between a consultant and a client. Timely reports, accurate costing and near term follow-up are all things that Mrs. Humphreys prides herself on.


Associated Engineering Consultants (AEC) strives to support the needs of its clients as if they were an actual extension of their client's staff. Support can be rendered from the offices of AEC, in the field, or a combination of both. Support services include fundamental engineering services, drafting, document preparation, feasibility and economic evaluations, as well as estimating and document analysis.

AEC has two offices to better serve its clients. The Corporate Headquarters in Redding CA, and an office in Arvada CO. For more information about services, please contact either office. AEC will be glad to assist you and answer any questions you may have regarding our services.


Please contact us via email at engineering@aecconsultants.com with general questions about AEC's engineering services.


Please contact us via email at drafting@aecconsultants.com with general questions about the drafting and large format documentation services that AEC offers.

General Information

Please contact us via email at info@aecconsultants.com with general questions, including questions pertaining to requests for proposal, request of qualifications, seminars and any other related matters.